“Discipline is doing what has to be done, when it has to be done, as well as it can be done, and doing it that way all the time” – Bob Knight

Mr. Ravi Padmanabhan is the founding President of Hi 5 Youth Foundation USA. He is an engineer by profession and has lived in the bay area for the last 30 years. He is an avid sports enthusiast who has played university level cricket. His primary interests are cricket, tennis and basketball around which he plans his travels and vacations. His association with Hi 5 started after his visit to Mumbai where he witnessed the impact basketball was making on orphaned and underprivileged children.

-Ravi Padmanabhan
Mr. Ram Ramgiri currently works at Dell EMC as a systems architect with thirty years of experience in technology. In addition to being an engineer, Ram is a passionate sports fan, having been a Golden State Warriors season ticket holder for more than two decades. Ram is one of the founders of the Deccan Dunkers organization, bringing together friends and family in the Bay Area who share his love for basketball. A testament to his commitment to the sport, the Deccan Dunkers have been actively playing basketball for 28 years in the Bay Area. Ram joined the Hi5 team a little over a year ago and now turns his focus toward helping to grow and expand the Hi5 charter as a way of honoring the role of the sport in his and his family’s lives. He is looking to impart some of his own fondness for the game and the impact it has had on him upon the Hi5 children.
-Ram Ramgiri
  • in fondest memory of Radhika Padmanabhan
  • Radhika was a senior technology executive known for driving vision for high-tech/Internet companies. She was strong at creating vision, building infrastructure, assembling passionate teams, and delivering results. Radhika had 30-plus years leading top-notch teams, making breakthroughs in technologies with commercial successes at Cisco, Novell, and Siemens. Radhika was the VP Engineering and Co-founder at Suquino Inc., a healthcare startup in the Bay Area. Radhika valued the time she spent giving back to the community and was actively involved with Jeena, organization that supports special needs children in the local community in addition to Hi5 Youth Foundation.

  • We will always miss you.
  • -Radhika Padmanabhan
    Larry England is a software architect who has experience in a wide range of technical areas including large-scale systems, language runtimes, application development tools, database management system, text search and analysis, operating systems, and more. He has worked with C-suite executives, led large development groups and delivered products which have produced millions of dollars of revenue. When he is not working or expanding his technical knowledge, you can find him running the trails in California. He has given-back to the Ultra-running community through his volunteer position as the race director for the Ohlone Wilderness 50K Trail Race.
    -Larry England

    I'm driven by Hi 5's mission of empowering kids through sports - developing self esteem and teaching them to aspire higher things in life. I'm thankful to be involved with Hi 5 after having been in other non-profit organizations. In my spare time, you can find me either listening to music or watching comedy scenes on YouTube and getting my daily share of laughter.

    -Sharanya Jaganathan

    Gurpreet Somal is a published writer & poet and a social impact sector communications professional with over 9+ years of diverse experience. With a Masters (Scholarship) in International Broadcast Journalism from Nottingham Trent University in the UK, she strongly emphasises on creative communications meeting innovative philanthropy. Prior to joining Hi5 Youth Foundation, Gurpreet co-authored a poetry book (as part of a global collaborative project), handled celebrity management & animal rescues, completed a prestigious Performing Arts workshop with world-renowned communications coach Ron Burrus, worked in a film production house for 2 movies, taught tribal children English & Social Sciences for a month in a tribal village called Ambatha, directed a short film on the Mumbai Terror attacks and was Organising Committee President at AIESEC where she ran her own project called "Genesis" through which she facilitated public awareness on sustainable development and grassroot problems, as well as created key symbiotic partnerships between NGOs & CSR portfolios of companies. In her free time she likes to learn French & Spanish, read science fiction & self-development books, indulge in photography, watch thought-provoking cinema and write on diverse topics.

    -Gurpreet Somal
    Manager - Communications & Marketing ( India & USA )